Ratko Zjaca – Stefano Bedetti Nocturnal Four

Nocturnal Four Picture

The quartet on the album left to right: S. Bedetti, A. Sanchez, R. Zjaca, Renato Chicco

ON TOUR SUMMER AND FALL 2018 will be the touring project of Zjaca’s and Bedetti’s new album „Life on Earth“, recorded with Antonio Sanchez on drums and bringing together a collection of the best original compositions of the two leaders. “Life on Earth” will be released in March 2018 on IN+OUT Records, Germany.

“I listened and really enjoyed this album. The collaboration of these four artists is brilliant and extremely well played. They are all musicians of the highest caliber.” – Lenny White about “Life on Earth”

Touring line-up:

Ratko Zjaca – guitar • Stefano Bedetti – sax • Renato Chicco – organ • Marco Frattini – drums

This collaboration of four outstanding artists forms a peerless combination of sax, guitar, organ and drums, leading to stunning results in terms of sound and arrangement, sparkled with rhythmic ideas, texture and space. The artists’ enthusiasm, passion, intensity and warmth can be experienced in every moment of their live performance presenting an inspiring and enjoyable powerhouse of original compositions and standards.

It is the second collaboration of Ratko Zjaca and Stefano Bedetti. Their first common album “Don’t Try This Anywhere” (IN+OUT Records) won the Orpheus Award 2016 for the best Italian production of 2015 in the jazz field. Being dedicated to Randy Brecker’s brother Michael, this is an important statement:

“My brother Mike thrived on originality, everything about him was different. He would have loved this CD which oozes originality and interaction at the highest level. These great musicians know how to LISTEN… this is just a stupendous effort… I really enjoyed it too!” – Randy Brecker

Bedetti and Zjaca toured Europe together in Summer 2016 already and will now present the music of their second CD to the public.

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC: http://www.jazzwindows.eu/artists/ratko-zjaca-stefano-bedetti/

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