Anda Union


Anda Union are an amazing 9 piece Mongolian band from Northern China who have been electrifying audiences all over the world. It’s not just the power of their music but the range of moods and styles that take us on a journey from beautiful moving ballads to powerful songs which really rock!

Anda Union are cultural icons of Mongolian music. Bringing a unique combination of styles from across the grasslands coalescing into the unbelievably colorful and magisterial sound of this triumphant pioneering band. They have headlined many world music and mainstream festivals winning over fans around the world. with their expressive and energetic music.

The nine members of Inner Mongolian Anda Union all trained in traditional music from a young age and come from musical families. Their differing ethnic nomadic cultures unite a wide range of musical instruments and vocal styles, in a fusion that Genghis Khan himself would have been proud of. Keenly aware of the threat to the Grasslands and their age old Mongolian culture, Anda Union are driven by their fight for the survival of this endangered way of life by keeping the essence of their music alive.

On tour

June 24 – July 11  July 17 – 26, 2018


Nars (voc, git, ikil, hoomei) • Seikhannakhaa (voc, tob shur, hoomei) • Uni (tob shur, ikil, hoomei) • Urgen (voc) • Urgen (dr) • Chinggel (perc, moadin chur) • Chinggeltu (morin huur)• Tsetsegmaa (urtyn duu) • Biligbataar (urtyn duu)