M.E.M. Artist Ratko Zjaca mit zwei neuen Alben!

Ratko Zjaca (guitar)


RATKO ZJACA wird 2020 zwei neue Alben beim deutschen Label In+Out Records veröffentlichen:

Album coversRelease am 15. Mai 2020 (US/Asia June ’20): LIGHT IN THE WORLD – recorded w/ Ratko Zjaca (git, composition) • Stefano Bedetti (ts) • Renato Chicco (hammond organ) • John Riley (dr)

“This new CD by guitarist Ratko Zjaca’s new organ group featuring the great American drummer John Riley, Renato Chicco on organ and Stefano Bedetti on tenor saxophone is full of creative, well-conceived and grooving original compositions by Ratko – and absolutely first rate playing from everyone! It’s a tightly knit group and his best record yet in my opinion, well produced as far as overall conception, and great sound too! Check it out!” – Randy Brecker

“The unexpected delight of hearing John Riley on this recording with an all-star assemblage of European musicians only makes the listening experience sweeter. John sounds right at home and the rest of the musicians sound like New Yorkers! I highly recommend this album.” – Peter Erskine

Release am 12. Mai 2020 (US, EU): THE PLACES YOU WILL GO – recorded w/ different great line-ups and recorded in the US and Europe.

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M.E.M. bucht Konzertdaten für das NOCTURNAL FOUR Quartet für den Herbst 2020 und später.