Sara Decker Group

German artist Sara Decker, with constant connections and lifetime spent in New York, is a contemporary jazz vocalist and composer, an expert in merging pop styles with improvisational jazz artistry. Known for her subtle tone, impressive range and heartfelt story-telling, she wins prices almost every year (NRW Künstler Stipendium 2019, Academy Band Montreux Jazz Festival 2018, 2nd place Montreux Jazz Voice competition 2017, European Jazz Award 2015).

Sara just released her sophomore album “Long Distance” as well as performing in prestigious jazz venues and festivals across Europe and the United States. (Rockwood Music Hall, NYC; Flatiron Room, NYC; Jimmy Glass, Spain; B-Flat, Germany; Jazzit, Austria; Loong swingt, Belgium; Women in Jazz, Germany; Festival Transeuropéennes, France and others).

With her newly formed band featuring NY pianist Billy Test (WDR Big Band), Nicolai Amrehn on bass and Jeroen Truyen on drums, Sara will release her next album “poetryfied” on September 4th, 2020. It will reflect on famous poems mostly by Rainer Maria Rilke, but also e.g. Emily Dickinson – perfectly merging improvisational art with pop style on more time.

"poetryfied" album teaser: TEARDROP (Jazz version)

On tour

WITH NEW ALBUM “poetryfied” on tour fall 2020 and February 2021. And on request.


Sara Decker (voc, lead) • Billy Test (p) • Nicolai Amrehn (b) • Jeroen Truyen (dr)