Zanchini & Zjaca – ZZ Quartet

One of the leading and most innovative accordion player on the international scene, Simone Zanchini, teamed up with Ratko Zjaca on guitar, Martin Gjakonovski on bass and legendary drummer Adam Nussbaum for a third album: “ Don’t Try This Anywhere” (In+Out Records) has won the Orpheus Award 2016 – for the best Italian production in jazz music. 

This group has a unique musical vision that absorbs and reflects all manner of music while retaining an enviable individualism and high quality craftsmanship that can span from quiet intimacy to searing intensity. Diverse musical backgrounds, which include jazz, modern classical, world music, and free improvisation. They have been working on original compositions as well as crafting beautiful and haunting improvisations. Their music blurs the boundaries between notated music and free improvisation; the unique sonic landscapes that result are grounded in history, while pushing at the boundaries of modern improvised music.

Being dedicated to Randy Brecker’s brother Michael, this is an important statement about the third album of the group:

“My brother Mike thrived on originality, everything about him was different. He would have loved this CD which oozes originality and interaction at the highest level. These great musicians know how to LISTEN… this is just a stupendous effort… I really enjoyed it too!” – Randy Brecker

… the most interesting and innovative accordion and guitar player in EuropeMike Hennessey

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a wild and beautiful albumJazzthetik

ZZ Quartet - Live in Zagreb

On Tour

October 18 – November 2, 2019 (Nov. 2nd last avail, for G-A-S only)


Ratko Zjaca (guitar) • Simone Zanchini (accordion) • Martin Gjakonovski (bass) • Adam Nussbaum (drums)



“Don’t Try This Anywhere”, the groups latest album, has been released by In+Out Records.